Google Assistant – No need to touch your phone and you will get all the work done!

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is developed by Google company. This assistant is available for all Android mobiles and its improved version called Google Assistant only works on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. Most people like Google Assistant more because Google has a large database, its search engine and Google gives the benefit of this to its users. If you ask the answer to any question on Google, 80 percent out of 100 you will get the exact answer. Google Assistant

Google Assistant
– You can chat with your speaker or smart display without saying “Ok Google” before every question or instruction.
– To use the process that continues the conversation, you must use the Google Assistant in English.
– This feature does not work on Bose or Sonos speakers which have Google Assistant.

You can use this device
– All Google Home Devices
– Speakers with Google Assistant
– All smart displays
– Smart watch

How many artificial assistants are there for us
Friends, in this world of technology, a lot of searches are done every day, although there are many assistants available for use, but the most popular of them are Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant “Google Assistant”, Amazon’s Alexa ” Alexa “, Cortana” Cortana “of Microsoft Windows, in addition there are many more assistants like, Microsoft, Samsung’s Bixby, Panasonic’s Arbo Assistant” Arb ” o AI “and many third party and paid artificial intelligence (AI) mobile assistants are available. Google Assistant

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