September 29, 2020

WhatsApp: Photos and videos of WhatsApp Status are auto downloaded in the phone, save in this secret folder

Gadget desk: With the help of WhatsApp status feature, you can access your photos, story friends and rivals. Users also share videos with photos here. People feel that status photos and videos cannot be saved, whereas in reality it is not. Whenever the user sees photos and videos of a status, they are auto downloaded and saved in the phone. However, the user does not know about where these are saved. Here we are telling you how to view status saved photos and videos in phone.

How to save whatsapp status photo-video

  • First of all install the Google Files app in the phone and give the required permission.
  • Now go to Settings from the top left of the app and turn on Show hidden files.
  • Now go to WhatsApp and see any status photo and video.
  • Now go to Google Files and go to WhatsApp folder> Media> .Statuses.
  • All photos and videos will be seen here. Select them and save them in another folder.